Why "Your Own Green Area"

YOGA’s vision is to be the most trusted name in India for providing Clean-Air Solutions affordable to all.

One of its Kind

Your Own Green Area, a Social Enterprise in operations since 2010 to provide sustainable solutions to Indoor air pollution

Most Promising

Awarded by IIT-Delhi& e-cell of IIM-Ahmedabad. Dedicated team of subject matter experts. (Indoor Air Quality)
Providing holistic range of products and services.

IAQ Expert

We manage what we measure on a continued basis. Committed to spread awareness about Air Pollution by its Forum for Air Quality-India Continued monitoring – continued solutions – continued health benefits.

YOGA is committed to creating Your Own Green Areas (Personalized Breathing Zones) where you & your loved ones can breathe healthy clean air by amalgamating nature’s power with best practices of Science & Technology. We believe that clean air is right for everyone and we need to make solutions affordable for every section of society, amalgamated with nature’s power. 


What is YOGA?

The Art & Science of Breathing Clean Air!!