1. Clean Air will no longer be a Luxury fair-air-logo

fan-copy The relief of breathing clean air is not expensive now
fan-copy Air will become FAIR and so the price will
fan-copy After years of research; YOGA is manufacturing an Air Purifier at Fair price
fan-copy The purifier will be under Make in India Scheme and with support of Japenese technology its filters and motors will be manufactured in India for powerful performance
fan-copy The test results of prototypes are overwhelming
fan-copy Fair Air system will be at par in performance with best in class Air purifiers

  1. Compatible replacement filters for air purifiers

Based on our customer’s demand we are supplying compatible replacement filters (Pre-filters, Hepa & Carbon Filters) for Sharp Air purifiers (A-80 model) at a fair price
The quality of filters is at par than any other standard filters available in the market at one-third of the cost of original filters.
Each of the filters has to pass a series of performance tests
Some of our filters are being used since last 1 year and response of customers is just overwhelming
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  1. Branded Air Purifiers

ventilation-symbol-copy We can help you find the best Air purifier that suits your requirements
ventilation-symbol-copy Range of purifiers can be availed at a good price from our Network Partners
ventilation-symbol-copy We recommend a purifier on the basis of its performance and also prove it to the customer by doing before & after tests over a period of time
ventilation-symbol-copy Also with our technical data decision-making becomes easy for your indoor spaces
ventilation-symbol-copy We can provide you with Sharp, Philips, BlueAir, LG, IQ-Air and other brands
ventilation-symbol-copy Please call us or drop an email to know the best prices

  1. Commercial systems (HVAC & Fresh Air Sytems)

house-copy Our expert team is capable of designing and executing commercial projects related to ventilation and pollution control
house-copy We perform building audits followed by air quality testing & certification and then facilitate the customized solutions at a Fair Price
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We can manage what we measure on a continuous basis. Not one solution fits everywhere and even not all purifiers are designed equally. Many air purifiers can do more harm to your health than the benefits they possess. Most of the Air purifiers either are not designed to work in Indian conditions or their technology comes with a question mark? Be extra careful choosing one for your family. We have studied a range of purifiers (over 50 different air purifiers) and may help you in deciding the right air filtration system for your indoor space.