Air Quality Management Services
(Testing and Consulting)

AQMS believes in providing air testing & consultation services with its subject matter experts to our clients at a fair price. Also, we strictly follow national & international standards in sampling and analysis of air which helps in getting a fair understanding of air that you breathe.

Our Experts can help you in Air Quality modelling & Monitoring, Study of layout & Previous reports, Interaction with stakeholders & end users, On-site inspections, Air quality testing, Report making & sharing and Consulting & facilitating customized solutions. AQMS is also engaged in quite a few research projects on air pollution with help of its independent monitoring station and calibrated the finest range of instruments.

We have facilities to perform 8/12/24 hours profile, Point source testing and real-time monitoring services and we provide detailed analysis report along with measures to solve the problem. Services provided by AQMS are as following:

Air-Testing & Consultation for Residences  (Starts at Rs. 499)
Air-Testing & Consultation for Industries, corporate and other commercial spaces (Starts at Rs. 5,000)
Testing & Validation of various solutions to Air Pollution (Starts at Rs. 999)

For packages and tariffs on air quality testing & consulting please contact at or visit

Air Quality Management Services (AQMS) is a joint venture of Your Own Green Area (YOGA) Creations Pvt. Ltd. and Indian Pollution Control Association to provide unbiased Air Quality Testing & Consultation services by experts with the help of finest range (Gold standard) of calibrated instruments to “understand the air you breathe and suggest solutions accordingly”. IPCA is an apex institution in the field of solid waste management.  Mr. Ashish Jain (Director & Promoter-IPCA) along with IIT-Delhi was involved in doing sick building syndrome study related to indoor air pollution at IGI-Airport in the year 2001 and he carried his passion to work on indoor air pollution since then. The team at AQMS is of highly qualified subject matter exports who know air better than anyone else. In addition to a panel of eminent consultants and advisor’s, we have a dedicated pool of trained surveyors and investigators, working under the guidance of professional managers.

The initiative is committed to providing a comprehensive solution for improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) in residential, institutional, commercial and corporate houses in urban regions of India. AQMS strictly follows National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), India, WHO and ASHRAE standards  for air quality monitoring and testing using most advanced and accurate instruments like TSI make Dust Trek, IAQ monitors etc. for air pollutants such as PM10,  PM2.5, PM1.0, CO2, T-VOCs, CO, Ozone, SOx, NOx etc. AQMS and also has an in-house chemical laboratory for detailed analysis of gaseous pollutants.