We create YOGA and YOGA is an abbreviation of Your Own Green Area where we create personalized breathing zones free from air pollution and full of oxygen where you can freely practice your YOGA with gusts of clean air.

Our products can be ordered online or you can place an order through email/phone. Also, you can always visit our Delhi/Gurgaon/Greater Noida offices.

We charge profits required to sustain our logistics and operations but the overall price will always be significantly lower than the market prices. We also notice that many of the products are sold for 3-4 times of their cost which keeps these products out of reach of common men; hence to make the product affordable for all we charge nominal profits just to sustain our logistics and operations.

It’s our constant endeavor to promote natural solution to cleanse air pollution from indoor surroundings and we have done lots of scientific studies to support our claims. On request details of national & international researches can be provided which shows the efficiency of plants in cleaning of air pollutants and overall CO2 reduction in indoor spaces. There are many Indian examples also where we were able to manage healthy CO2 –O2 concentrations and it also helped in reduction of CO and VOCs.

All plants are good to counter Air Pollution but only a few are able to survive Indoor in different geographical conditions. The plants which may survive in Calcutta may not survive Indoor in Delhi’s climate. We do extensive research for indoor plants which can survive in indoor conditions and we also enhance their survivability by our expert conditioning to indoor surroundings in a controlled environment in connotation of sterilized potting mix. Also, there are limited species of plants which releases oxygen during night time so we have to be very careful while choosing plants for indoor spaces. The plants that we recommend are tested and validated for their cleaning efficiency in various indoor climatic conditions and their survivability skills.

An Air Purifier is an object/device which purifies the air from its pollutants. There are ranges of natural & mechanical/chemical air purifiers. Not all purifier technologies are same and one need to be very careful while choosing air purifier as most of the air purifier can play with your immunity as well as do more harm to your lungs than cleaning the air.

Testing Air is a very complex process and to know accurate levels we should always rely on standard calibrated instruments. Small non-calibrated instruments will not be able to give you even a fair idea as the accuracy differs with lots of factors. Also, you should always ask for calibration factor used for taking readings of air samples. Type & concentration of pollutants differ from place to place and one solution may not suit to all the places so we need to get a clear idea of air pollutants before adopting a solutions. Also, it will help you in identifying the sources and eventually control over sources of pollutants for an effective removal of pollutants by the sink.

For any other questions/queries please call us or drop an email.

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