Offers from Y.O.G.A.:

Own Your Green Area (Retail Services)

Green Area on Rent (Rental Services)

Y.O.G.A. Exclusive (Barter Services)

How these scheme works:

Own Your Green Area
(Sales & Service)

Green Area on Rent
(Rental Services)

Y.O.G.A. Exclusive
(Barter Services)

Buy Polluorbers with Handypots at fair price Polluorbers with Handypots are provided on monthly rental Polluorbers with Handypots are provided against paper scrap
Floor Plants with planters starts at Rs. 650
Table tops starting at Rs. 250
Floor Plants with Handypots starting at Rs. 90/month
Table tops at Rs. 60/month
Floor Plants with High grade plastic pots (white/black) at Rs. 70 only
One plants with planters are provided against each newspaper subscription
e.g. 50 plants will provide against 50 newspaper daily,
(50*30 = 1500 newspaper per month)
Imported plants can also be provided at different price Imported plants can also be provided at different price Not Included
Customized maintenance visits on chargeable basis Bimonthly maintenance visits for free Bimonthly maintenance visits for free
No minimum quantity No minimum quantity Minimum quantity is there
Any plants / planters getting damaged within 3 months will be replaced for Free Any plants / planters getting damaged will be replaced for Free as long as rental service is on Any plants / planters getting damaged will be replaced for Free as long as Barter service is on
Ownership of product remains with customer Ownership of product remains with Y.O.G.A. Ownership of product remains with Y.O.G.A.
Wide range of portfolio Wide range of portfolio Limited portfolio

*Paper Scrap includes newspaper, cardboard & used paper scrap, which goes for recycling to our conglomerate. One plant with planter is provided on rent against 8Kg of scrap/month.

**Mix of all offers can be availed by one customer.An agreement for 11 months will be signed by both the parties before availing the rental/barter service. Delivery charge may applicable if distance is more than 10kms away from our nearest office.

Special Offers from Y.O.G.A.:

Gift Some Clean AIR

four-leaf-clover-copy Now gift some clean air to your loved ones in world’s most polluting city
four-leaf-clover-copy Special gifts for special occasions beautifully packed oxygen generator
four-leaf-clover-copy This Diwali gives relief to your loved ones amongst the worst pollution levels
four-leaf-clover-copy This clean Air grows with the time
four-leaf-clover-copy Specialized tags with personalized messages/branding
four-leaf-clover-copy Convenient packing
four-leaf-clover-copy The range starts from Rs. 250


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yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Specialized bedroom plants for hotel/guesthouse rooms
yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Branding with a trust of ensuring rich supply of oxygen during night
yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Natural Air Purifier cares  about you like a true friend does
yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Range starts at Rs. 600

Y.O.G.A abiding by its vow of reducing indoor air pollution brings an innovative solution to fight air pollution. Idea is to create personalize breathing zones with the help of the right combination of  indoor plants which will help in growing oxygen and eat up the pollution present in your personalized breathing zone. The plants that YOGA provides were carefully chosen from the list of plants NASA suggested to remove pollutants from indoor environment and later on validated for their efficiency in cleaning air pollutants as well as survivability in Indian conditions. On a very convenient pricing, Y.O.G.A provides you with:-

yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Y.O.G.A. Plants (POLLUORBERS)®
yard-tree-in-a-pot-copy Y.O.G.A. Maintenance (GREENTAINENCE)®


YOGA POLLUORBERS® are specifically conditioned indoor plants which are controlled and nurtured in a special environment that remove the harmful pollutants present in the indoor environment. YOGA POLLUORBERS® are nurtured in a specially controlled environment with a unique concoction of soil to maintain their freshness throughout the year so that they absorb the pollutant present in an indoor environment normally knows as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. Also, these specialized YOGA signature plants help in effectively manage CO2 levels within standards which is a growing concern of sealed building with centralized air conditioning. Against the myth that with indoor plants CO2 levels will increase, we have proved that it helps in oxygenating the place with the right mix of plants for buildings working 24×7 and CO2 is found to be lower than what it was without any plants at all.

Y.O.G.A. GREENTAINENCE® is the service we provide after delivering you the plants. The service includes service visits of the gardener. All maintenance requirements like tilling, pruning, cutting, shredding, cleaning, adding of manure and others are performed by our trained professional. In our plants, we use sterilized potting mix (Cocopeat & Vermicompost) free from any toxic chemicals and our gardeners have expertise in maintaining indoor plants of soilless mediums.

YOGA POLLUORBERS® come packed in beautiful planters. YOGA does provide Handypots (Hand -made designer ceramic pots from a national award winner potter) in many colors & unique designs to match with your aesthetics.