YOGA’s vision is to be the most trusted name in India for providing Clean-Air Solutions affordable to all.


YOGA is committed to creating Your Own Green Areas (Personalized Breathing Zones) where you & your loved ones can breathe healthy clean air by amalgamating nature’s power with best practices of Science & Technology. We believe that clean air is right for everyone and we need to make solutions affordable for every section of society, amalgamated with nature’s power. YOGA believes that everyone has the right to clean air and it can not be marketed or limited as a luxury product.

Your Own Green Area (YOGA) Creations Pvt. Ltd.

  • Your Own Green Area, a Social Enterprise in operations since 2010 to provide sustainable solutions to Indoor air pollution.
  • Awarded by IIT-Delhi& e-cell of IIM-Ahmedabad.
  • Dedicated team of subject matter experts. (Indoor Air Quality)
  • Providing holistic range of products and services.
    • Air Quality Management Services, Air filtration systems & Indoor Plants.
  • Affordable solutions for everyone & “Fair Price Promise” for quality services.
  • Serving MNCs, 5 star Hotels, Expats & High class families.
  • We manage what we measure on a continued basis
  • Committed to spread awareness about Air Pollution by its Forum for Air Quality-India
  • Continued monitoring – continued solutions – continued health benefits.
    • Continued Real time testing of air pollution, Continued R&D, Continued sharing of results, Continued discussions with health experts, Continued customized solutions.

How was the idea originated?

Sachin Panwar, the founder of YOGA encountered a word called Sick Building Syndrome while reading an environmental Journal way back in 2005. He was studying biotechnology and was impressed by NASA’s research about plants in absorbing pollutants from Indoor Environments. Since then he started following the subject and got to know that there were standards and regulations in other parts of the world for indoor air quality but India was not focusing much for its indoor air quality standards despite of the fact that energy efficient closed buildings were built all across the cities to match the pace of growth.. He encountered some professors and research scholars at IIT-Delhi who were doing research on the subject but were disappointed by not having any local standards/guidelines. The international researches were clearly indicating the ill effects on human health  with poor air quality but not much was being done in India to safeguard the health interests of its occupants. Who also came up with the studies clearly showing the death caused by the poor indoor air quality in India. After completing his MBA in marketing & HR, Sachin got a job in Nestle but he was determined to do something for air quality in India and that’s how he conceptualized the concept and the entrepreneur cell at IIT-Delhi motivated him to pursue this idea.

Meet Our Team

A passionate environmentalist, MBA & Biotech Graduate, started his career with Nestle before conceptualizing YOGA in December 2010. Based on NASA’s space research project for indoor air pollution, he adopted and validated a research on plants for managing air pollution. His concept has won awards from IIT-Delhi & CIIE of IIM-Ahmedabad. While working for YOGA, he introduced the concept of Barter of Clean Air, Polluorbers and Air-O2-Friend.

He has also worked with Paharpur Business Centre’s Breathy Easy division for indoor air quality solutions where he consulted clients for customize air quality solutions. He left Breathy Easyand took over YOGA again in May 2015 f to focus exclusively on his vision to provide clean air. He is actively involved with experts from IIT-Delhi for development of sustainable solutions for air pollution.He believes that clean air cannot be marketed as a luxury product but it the right for everyone; hence he is working to make clean air solutions affordable to all.

He also consults entrepreneurs and their Start-Ups.

He was proposed as first acting President of “The Indian Society of Indoor Air Quality” now known as Forum for Air Quality-India and it’s managed by a German Lady Lea C Kehr.

Apart from this he is a trained practitioner of Neethling’s Brain Instruments and has delivered various training programs on Entrepreneurship & Creativity at reputed organizations like IFFCO, NHPC, THDC, NIESBUD, ITBP and many others. He has also been a participant at International Creativity Conference in South Africa in the year 2010.

His aim is to bring clean and affordable air solutions..


Dr. Radha Goyal

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Radha has a Ph.D. in Indoor Air Quality from IIT-Delhi and has a firsthand experience in working with govt. bodies and policymakers in the field of air pollution in India. Since the last 10 years, she has been actively working in this field and right now is heading air quality management services (A joint venture of YOGA & IPCA).


Madhu Jaswal

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Madhu is M.Sc. in environmental services and have worked with BreatheEasy (Paharpur Business Center) in past where she was responsible for maintaining the indoor air quality of the building and in-house air quality testing. She is working with YOGA as a research associate and is incharge of air quality testing.


Satish Jaiswal

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Satish Jaswal is incharge of the operation team. He also supervises services to the customers.


Nishant Pahwa

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Nishant hails from Merchant Navy background and since last few years is busy in sales & marketing of eco-friendly products. He bring the expertise of sales and heads the sales & marketing team at YOGA.



Dr. Yash Rawat
MBBS, MD (MAMC-Delhi); Director-GVK Bio (Clinical Trials)

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He is a doctor by profession; leading the GVK-Bio’s clinical trials in India & abroad. He is interested in clinical trials and advocacy for health effects due to Air Pollution. He is mentoring YOGA since 2010

Greentainence Team


Dayashankar Morya


Rajaul Karima

along with a team of 5 gardeners, looks after the greentainence services. Both of them have more than 15 years of experience in handling the indoor plants and are trained horticulturist.
The Office Hands: At office, Richa looks after the activities and is assisted by Brijender.