YOGA’s Journey so far:


YOGA started its operations in December 2010 from Gurgaon and eventually became the first company in India to exclusively work for Indoor Air Pollution. YOGA started working on a concept of creating Personalized Breathing Zones called as Your Own Green Areas where a person can breathe Clean Air without worrying about the deadly air pollution. It has been proved worldwide that Air inside your home/office is much more polluted than outdoor. India is no exception to this; in fact most of the cities in India are exceeding the dangerous Air Pollution Levels 70% of the time. Unlike western countries where proper ventilation of indoor air to outdoor air solves the major indoor air issue; we need to be extra careful as our outdoor air is much polluted. This is the main reason why most of the solutions that works well in Europe do not do much good to the air in our homes/offices in India. We at YOGA follow a localization approach and are involved in extensive research programs validating the solutions along with experts from IIT-Delhi. We use calibrated gold standard instruments to do air testing and in validation of solutions in real world conditions (field trials & Lab trials).

Initially it was not an easy job to convince people about the solution as everyone was ignorant about it and they were under the impression that no such problem exists in India. But with its creative campaigns like Barter for Clean Air, YOGA got some support from Govt. institutions and corporate. YOGA started providing right indoor plants with designer pots & sterilized soils to manage the CO2 & VOCs levels within healthy limits. Later on we started providing filtration solution for respiratory suspended particle pollution (PM10 & PM2.5).

Every indoor area (Room/Office) has different requirement for managing its air pollution and it is equally important to diagnose the problem/sources and study the layout in order to provide efficient consumer specific solution for improving indoor air quality. YOGA has capacity to fulfil the requirement of full range solutions for air pollution with its team of subject matter experts. Now we have served thousands of customers all across India and are growing as a trusted name for best quality sustainable solutions for air pollution problem in India.

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