Clean Air Pockets (CAP)


Converting Indoor Spaces into uniform air quality chambers; where YOU decide your own Air Quality by having absolute control on air pollutants.

Creating Clean Air Pockets

Zero (0) μg/m3 of PM2.5 for whole night, while you have a good sleep every night

400 ppm of Indoor CO2, is like sleeping under the sky somewhere in New Zealand

Worlds best AQI (less than 5) is in New Zealand and in spaces with CAP even in world’s most polluted city

Absolute removal of PM2.5 because of precise control on source of pollutants

Maintaining best of the ventilation standards

Still thinking to migrate from your home town because of Air pollution?

Decide your own AQI, we shall design, execute and maintain same for you.


The World’s Best Air

Achieving it anywhere or everywhere; google it to find out which country or city has the best air quality and we shall replicate the same in your home even in Delhi-NCR (world’s most polluted air).

Track your data 24×365 with 100% transparency.

PM2.5 is not your Problem!

It can’t be better than this; absolute 0 μg/m3 PM2.5 for whole night; every night & 365 days in your house. Less than 5 AQI for 24×365.

TVOCs & CO2 in control

It’s not just the PM2.5; we take care of CO2 for better cognitive development & concentration of your child. Keeping CO2, HCHO & TVOCs well within that too without using any harmful tech like ozone, ESP, fiberglass HEPA & others. 

Achieving it consistently

We have had achieved it in different type of buildings at different places. Our best achievement till date is to bring PM2.5 from 999 to 1μg/m3 within 30 minutes and managed the same for almost 4 months.

Single Air pocket means same air quality in every corner, left right & center..

CAP Customization & Its Stages


Ensuring treated fresh air supply with help of CAP filtration device connected to indoor. A silent & powerful EC fan with help of micropore controller drag air through a combination of Pre-Filter, Molecular Filter, Fine Filter & dual stage synthetic HEPA  (H-13).

1st stage reduction is achieved through dilution (almost 90% reduction in pollutants) while maintaining positive air pressure to achieve a prick free clean air pocket .



In stage-2 further reduction of PM2.5 is targeted along with merging multiple smaller air pockets into single uniform air pocket with help of second stage air filtration.

Real time air quality monitoring helps in understanding of air pollutants and their sources. Identified air loops are managed through exhausts and stand alone air purifiers. 2nd Stage reductions varies from 95 to 99.99% of PM2.5 along with ventilation comfort.


Clean & healthy Air

Clean Air pockets can achieve under 5μg/m3 of PM2.5 with CO2 as low as 400 ppm. Unlike air purifier which can only achieve PM2.5 reductions and CO2 is compromised.


Prick Free Clean Air

Door & window movements have no or little impact on Air Quality if CAP is working. Becuase of Positive air pressure no dirty outdoor air can leak inside from doors/windows.


Real time Air Quality data

24×365 monitoring and easy access allow us to track the sources and take actions swiftly to maintain what we commit with a transparency.


Air Quality Heavens

Even in peak pollution days; it helps in maintaining healthy aqi (under 10). Instead of running away from your home in peak pollution, Stay safe in your home.


Human Oriented

100% ozone free, No use of fiberglass media and highest ventilation standards to make it more human oriented. Safe for kids & their cognitive development.



Pocket Friendly

Less expensive than maintaining multiple air purifiers. Lower cost of operation than commercial TFAs (almost 1/10th). Convenient adaptation to centralize and non centralized air conditioned buildings.

CAP-main Unit

CAP main unit is the most critical component in creating clean air pockets. It is responsible for bringing treated fresh air inside for positive air pressure management and ventilation comfort.

Pics are attached from our actual installation sites.

Decide your own AQI

Connect with us to achieve what you have decided….

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