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WHO & Scientists across the world have confirmed that Noval Coronavirus (covid-19) is remaining airborne and infections are possible through infected aerosols. Since March-2020 we helped in creating Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms and designing & executing solutions for all type of buildings to minimize the risk of infection.

Controlling COVID-19 spread in Indoor


Ventilation is must for constant dilution

Achieving Negative Pressure by controlling supply & exhaust/return air

Treating Supply & Exhaust Air to arrest & neutralize Virus & other microbes

Second stage HEPA filtration inside air pockets for effective bio-aerosol control


No stagnation of Indoor  air to be allowed

Avoid re circulation of stale air; no mixing of unfiltered return air with supply air

Don’t expose any ozone producing or UVs directly to the occupants

Don’t forget masks, social distancing & hand hygiene

Airborne Infection Isolation Room(AIIR)

CDC, EPA & WHO recommend creating negative pressure isolation areas for patient care, quarntine & isolation wards and in places with high risk of virus (COVID-19) getting airborne.

Controlling the Air

Air movements are controlled and designed with 12 ACH & HEPA based filtration. Aerosols are not allowed to accumulate in indoor by constant dilution and negative pressure. Exhausted air is sterilized before releasing.

Minimizing the risk

With controlled air flows and ventilation risk of cross contamination is minimized along with creating secondary filtration in re-circulation mode of air (if any) or with help of portable filtration devices.


Must for any aerosol generating procedures like dental procedures.


Similar solutions can be adopted at salons, spas, gyms, clinics, schools, offices, common public areas, malls, restaurants and other high footfall areas.

3 stages of Control

In order to control cross contamination and further spread; it is must to neutralize virus before its viral load become infectious. Following standard protocols with added filtration and oxidation will help to keep bioaerosols in complete control. In fact the air being released outside or being mixed to other areas should be sterilize with right technology beforehand.

Living with COVID-19 is new normal but we can minimize the risk!

Retrofit Solutions

We are continuously working to help you design a customize retrofit solution for your space.

We can bring the finest control on air moving indoor and make sure your air and space are COVID-19 safe by removing all droplet nuclei & aeroslized droplets. Also we make sure there are no side effects on human healths while making space covid-19 free.

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GYM & YOGA Centers

Clinics & Patient Care


Corporate park & offices

Salon & spa

Data Centers

Hotels & Guest Houses

Move ahead with new normal…

If COVID-19 is bothering you; we can help you make your space CORONA safe…

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