YOGA Vertabox-M with hybrid Syngonium/aglaonema


YOGA Verta Box-(M) premium ceramic planter (handypots by 3 time national award winner artisan)

Hybrid Syngonium/Aglaonema with sterile activated soil-less growing media; excellent for bedrooms and any other indoor areas.

Planter height-6 inches, length-6 inches, width at bottom-5.5 inches

Ideal for table tops and Gifting

Customize branding & Personalize message tags available


Air Purifying Indoor Plants:

Pollution removing Indoor Plants (Polluorber) with Handmade designer ceramic planters/pots  (Handypots) by 3 times national award winner artisans.

Soil-less Plant growing sterile media to make sure plants do not bring toxic vapours of chemicals and pesticides to indoor air. Concoction of adsorbents to absorb 10 times VOCs than normal plant.

Planters are coated with oxidizing nano-solution that can breakdown & neutralize indoor pollutants like VOCs. Planter are self sterilizing in nature and also neutralize toxic gasses along with microbes/aerosols.


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