YOGA’s Journey

YOGA started its operations in September 2019 from Gurgaon and eventually became the organisation in India to exclusively work for Indoor Air Pollution.

YOGA started working on a concept of creating Personalized Breathing Zones called as Your Own Green Areas where a person can breathe Clean Air without worrying about the deadly air pollution.


Initially it was challanging to make people understand about IAQ problem. But with its creative campaigns like Barter for Clean Air & Free IAQ audits; YOGA got some support from Govt. institutions and corporate. YOGA started providing indoor plants with designer pots & sterilized soils as solution to air pollution to manage the CO2 & VOCs.

Some of the early clients (most of them are still with us) include Cairn Energy, Coke, ITBP, Defence Estate, Walmart, Stryker, Marriott, Dia Park, Country-inn, Vatika Group & many others.

Later on we started providing filtration solution for particulate matter (PM10 & PM2.5).

With its research associations and performance validations projects on air purifiers and indoor plants; YOGA evolved as full service IAQ managemnt company doing IAQ consultancy, Air Quality monitoring, HVAC project executions and small scale smart solutions for homes/offices.

Some of the famous projects include consultancy with CPCB at Delhi-High court, PMO, Parliament house, Ficci and others.

We also designed POCs on filtration techs for OEM companies like Samsung India.

Over the years YOGA has become a preffered company for expats visiting India among other hundreds of clients for managing indoor air quality with full service and satisfaction to the clients.

We continue to learn everyday and evolve as a better solution provider for anything related to IAQ management.

In 2019, we commercialized most of our research projects under the registered entity “YOGAN Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”

Our Famous CAP project trials were completed in december 2019 and early clients have boarded like Modern School, Gulshan Homz and others.